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ganesh chaturthi puja kit

Ganpati Pujan Roli moli chaval

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 Buy complete pooja samagri to perform Ganesh Puja as we start any ritual with the beggining of lord ganesha worship.
This Ganesh Pooja Kit will involve natural and high quality ingredients that would be needed to perform worship of Lord Ganesha.
It is believed that Lord Ganesha eliminates all the obstacles from our life and fulfill our life with happiness. 
Purchase Pooja Samagri for Ganesh Chaturthi pujan at low prices and ger Rs. 100/- discount. 

S.No. Product Name Unit
1 Coconut 1Nos.
2 Roli 10gms
3 Thred(Moli) 10gms
4 Rice(Chawal) 10Grams
5 Areca Nut(supari) 2 Nos
6 Clove(laung) 5 Nos
7 Cardamom(elaychi) 5 Nos
8 Match Box 1 Nos.
9 Brahminical Thread(Janeu)) 1 Nos
10 Sindur 10 Gms
11 Champoor(Karpur) 1 Nos.
12 Dhoop Batti 1 Nos
13 Small Deepak 2 Nos.
14 Cotton wicks(Rui Batti) 5 Nos.
15 Dande 2 Nos.
16 Dry Fruits(Prasad) 1 Pkt.
17 Ganesh Aarti 1 Nos.


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