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Panchapatra With Pali

Buy 100% pure brass panchpatra and pali set (also called charan amrit set) which is an integral part of pooja. This holy charan amrit is placed before the pooja and then distributed after the Pooja's completion.

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Buy Panchpatra With Pali online at low prices in India - pujanshop.com.t is also used to clean hands of the devotees during the puja.Few drops of water is taken in Pali and the hands are symbolically cleaned with it.

Traditionally, a pure Charanamrit is a mixture of the five essential elements - ghee (clarified butter), water (preferably water from the Ganga),curd,honey and tulsi leaves. This Pali Set is used in the home at the end of your daily worship or any other festive Pooja.


 Panchapatra - 2.5 inches (H) x 2.25 inches (Base) X 3 inches (Top Daimeter)
 Pali - 4.5 inches (L)

 Total Weight - 120 grams    



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